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15230New paper: Ernest Brummer and the Coffin of Nefer-renepet from Akhmim

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  • B. Andelkovic
    Nov 5, 2013
      New Paper:

      Andelkovic, B., and Elias, J. P.
      2013 Ernest Brummer and the Coffin of Nefer-renepet from Akhmim.
      Issues in Ethnology and Anthropology [Belgrade] n.s. 8/2: 565-584.

      Abstract: The coffin of Nefer-renepet was donated to the National Museum in
      Belgrade by Ernest Brummer (born in Sombor in 1881) in 1921. The coffin is a
      fine example of the artistry of the funerary industry of ancient Akhmim.
      Previous publications have classified this object as belonging to the
      22nd-25th Dynasty or Ptolemaic period. The present analysis indicates that
      it dates to the period of the mid-4th century B.C., i.e. 30th Dynasty, based
      on stylistic comparisons, orthography and genealogical information from
      similar coffins in other collections. This stylistic/chronological phase is
      not well-represented numerically, and this makes Nefer-renepet's coffin all
      the more important. The design characteristics of the phase broadly emulate
      those of the 26th Dynasty, but they are clearly distinguishable as belonging
      to a later era. Among the many distinctive aspects of Nefer-renepet's coffin
      is the interior decoration of its lid, published here for the first time,
      showing the 'gliding Nut motif with upward streaming hair' accompanied by
      abbreviated texts derived from the Book of Day and Book of Night. The
      goddess represented on the coffin trough is Imentet, with the maat-feather
      on her head as a reduction of the full hieroglyphic symbol for West.

      Key words: Ernest Brummer, Nefer-renepet, Akhmim, coffin, Nut, Imentet,

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