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15111Senusret II and Tudhaliya IV -- irrigation

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  • Michael F. Lane
    Jul 28, 2013
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      Dear ANE-listers,

      I would be most grateful if someone could provide me with a list of works
      1) Senusret II's irrigation and flood-management project in the Fayyum, and
      2) Tudhaliya IV's presumably similar, although much later, project near
      Alaca Höyük.

      In particular, I am interested in expert engineering reconstructions,
      including anything diagrammatic.

      With best regards,

      Michael F. Lane
      University of Maryland Baltimore County

      Prof.. Michael Franklin Lane
      Co-Director, AROURA
      Ancient Studies Department
      University of Maryland, Baltimore County
      Fine Arts Building, Room 452
      1000 Hilltop Circle
      Baltimore, MD 21250, USA
      Tel. +1-410-455-2979 / Fax +1-410-455-1660
      Skype: barrenador
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