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15028Re: [ANE-2] Hurrian logograms.

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  • alf-redu-nirari
    Jul 16 3:38 AM
      Dear Miguel,

      Many languages of the ANE did not make extensive use of logograms, in
      Hattusa this is true for Hattic, Palaic, Luvian and obviously Hurrian.
      While I regret I do not know specific literature on the question, I
      remember to have been taught that such scarsity was due to some sort of
      performative pressure: a logogoram might hide the correct reading in the
      intended language, a correct reading that could have been important for
      the correct performance of rituals and in general to distinguish a

      You probably know already these two titles, but in any case:

      Weeden M./, Hittite Logograms and Hittite Scholarship /, (StBoT 54
      Wiesbaden .
      Weeden M./, Adapting to new contexts: cuneiform in Anatolia/, in: Oxford
      Handbook of Cuneiform

      al the best

      Alfredo Rizza
      Dip. Filologia, Letteratura e LInguistica, UniversitĂ  di Verona

      On 15/07/2013 15.09, Miguel wrote:
      > Dear all,
      > Might anyone know of literature dedicated specifically to the scarcity of the logographic component in the cuneiform (logo-)syllabary adapted to Hurrian?
      > Thanks very much in advance,
      > Miguel Valério
      > Doctoral student / Fellow of the Foundation for Science and Technology
      > Cultures and Languages of the Ancient World and Their Survival
      > Faculty of Philology, University of Barcelona

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