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14799Isis as virgin

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  • Jgibson
    Mar 22 11:36 AM
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      Can any one here tell me when and where in Egyptian texts Isis is
      described as "virgin"? Does the word that I understand to be used for
      this -- hwnt -- only mean "never having had intercourse"? Is there any
      truth to the claim that Isis was always regarded as a /perpetual virgin,
      /let alone an "immaculate one" as is asserted by//William Williamson
      (The Great Law: A Study of Religious Origins [Longmans, 1889] 26) in
      his claim that

      > the goddess Neith, who, like Isis, the mother of Horus, was known by
      > the titles of Mother of God, Immaculate Virgin, Queen of Heaven, Star
      > of the Sea, The Morning Star, The Intercessor.

      If not, what texts falsify this claim?

      With thanks in advance,


      Jeffrey B. Gibson D.Phil. Oxon.
      1500 W. Pratt Blvd
      Chicago, IL

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