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14796Re: Zoroastrianism and its influence on Jewish thought

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  • aren
    Mar 18, 2013
      If I may throw in what might be a marginal addition to this thread, please note that I published a few years ago two articles that discuss the material and literary evidence for the connections between the Land of Israel/Palestine and Iran (or Iranian occupied Babylonia), primarily during the Roman/Byzantine periods.
      * Maeir, A. M. "Sassanica Varia Palaestiniensia: A Sassanian seal from T. Istaba, Israel, and other Sassanian objects from the southern Levant." Iranica Antiqua 35 (2000): 159-183.
      Safrai, Z., and A. M. Maeir. "‮ אתא אגרתא ממערבא‬(" An Epistle Came from the West"): Historical and Archaeological Evidence for the Ties between the Jewish Communities in the Land of Israel and Babylonia during the Talmudic Period." The Jewish Quarterly Review (2003): 497-531.

      Hope this helps,

      Aren Maeir
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