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  • frankclancy
    Mar 4, 2013
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      Dear Yigal - I knew about Albright but I did not know about Rainey. Honestly, I do not find the Tell el-Hammah identification credible. The inscription indicates Hammath was the leader of the revolt which involved other cities - all of them larger and more important. It is Hammath that threatens the Egyptian garrison of Beth-Shean while it is Pehel who beseiges Tell Rehov. Also, if Hammath revolted against Rehob, then I would expect Rehob to attack Hammath - not the other way around. Also, if it were an inter-city squabble, why attack the Egyptian garrison? That is a revolt against Seti! Seti sent 3 arms of his troops to the cities which suggests more than a few soldiers to deal with these cities. Were it about a squabble between cities, then when Seti arrived at Beth-Shean I would expect these cities to appeal to him and there would be no need for troops to go to these cities.

      You may be correct about Hammath but I find it difficult to believe that story.

      Frank Clancy
      Kitchener, Ontario

      --- In ANE-2@yahoogroups.com, Yigal Levin <yigal.levin@...> wrote:
      > Hi again,
      > Once more according to Rainey (Sacred Bridge p. 93, citing Albright from
      > 1926), the Hamath involved was the small site of Tell el-Hammah, 16 km south
      > of Beth-shean, which would make it about 10 km south of THAT Rehob. Rainey's
      > reconstruction is that Hamath was a vassal of Rehob (which is a much larger
      > site), and rebelled, encouraged by Pehel, Rehob's rival. Pehel and Hamath
      > first neutralized the Egyptian "police post" (Raney's words) at Beth-shean
      > and then attacked Rehob, at which point Seti intervened. We have no way of
      > knowing what Yenoam's role in the story was, only that Seti sent a force
      > there as well.
      > It makes much more sense to read this as a minor squabble between rival
      > cities, all within a 20 km radius of Beth-shean, than as a major war
      > involving such far-away places as the north-Syrian Hamath. Remember that the
      > victory stele was set up at Beth-shean, and no mention of this has been
      > found in Egypt itself.
      > Yigal
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