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14633Sanitation, stormwater and wastewater technologies in ANE

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  • imbros03
    Jan 7, 2013
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      I will appreciate if somebody can provide some references regarding sanitation, stormwater and wastewater technologies in ANE.

      Is anyone aware if these topics have been referred in proverbs, king letters or other ANE "literary" works?

      I have already collected material from the following publications:

      - Alizadeh A (2008) Chogha Mish II. The development of a prehistoric regional center in lowland Susiana, southwestern Iran. Final Report on the last six seasons of excavations, 1972â€"1978. Oriental Institute Publications, vol. 130, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL

      -Delougaz P, Hill HD, Lloyd S (1967) Private houses and graves in the Diyala region. Oriental Institute Publications, vol. LXXXVIII, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL

      -Ludwig W (1977) Mass, sitte und Technick des Bauens in Habuba Kabira Sud. In:Margueron JC (ed) Le Moyen Euphrate, zone de contacts et d’échanges, Actes du Colloque deStrabourg, pp. 63â€"74

      -Stordeur D (2000) L’espace villageois d’El Kowm 2-Caracol. Organisation, limites et traditions architecturales. In Stordeur D (ed) El Kowm 2 : une île dans le désert â€" La fin du néolithique précéramique dans la steppe syrienne.CNRS Editions, Paris, pp. 87â€"94

      -Vallet R (1997) Habuba Kebira ou la naissance de l’urbanisme. Paleorient 22/2:45â€"76

      -Stone E, Zimansky P (2004) The Anatomy of a Mesopotamian City. Survey and Soundings at Mashkan-shapir. Eisenbrauns

      Best Regards,

      Aldo Tamburrino
      University of Chile
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