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14626Re: [ANE-2] Re: Various Hellenic Toponyms

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  • Joachim Friedrich Quack
    Dec 29, 2012
      Am 29.12.2012 00:20, schrieb Jon Smyth:
      > Dear Dr. Maravelia.
      > Those toponyms are both sourced and discussed in Caphtor/Keftiu, A New
      > Investigation, John Strange, 1980.
      > The names you identify all predate the Hellenic period (500-300 BCE).
      > Before this period Hau Nebu is used in reference to coastal Syria, and
      > Tinay has been linked with Adana as a possibility. And prior to 500
      > BCE Keftiu remains unidentifed, however, at the end of the Hellenic
      > Period Crete is factually identified as Gerty/Kerty and Keftiu
      > associated with the Phoenician coast.
      > Jon Smyth
      > Kitchener, ON. CAN
      May I point out that there is a substantial discussion of the Hau-nebut
      in J.F. Quack, Das Problem der O#w-nb.wt, in: A. Luther, R. Rollinger,
      J. Wiesehöfer (Hrsg.), Getrennte Wege? Kommunikation, Raum und
      Wahrnehmung in der Alten Welt, Oikumene 3 (Frankfurt 2007), 331-362.,
      where the claim that in older times it refers to coastal Syria (or even
      the northernmost regions of Egypt) is refuted. For Keftiu also, there
      are more recent important discussions concluding quite unanimously that
      in older periods it refers to Crete; I would like to mention my own in
      /kft#w/und /|#Èy/, Ägypten und Levante 6 (1996), 75-81 (with further

      Joachim Quack
      Ägyptologisches Institut, Universität heidelberg

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