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14622Re: [ANE-2] Ashur and Ahura Mazda

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  • Jean-Fabrice Nardelli
    Dec 28, 2012
      See W. G. Lambert, 'Trees, Snakes and Gods in Ancient Syria and
      Anatolia',/Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies//,
      University of London /48, 1985, pp. 435-451; T. Orman, 'A Complex System
      of Religous Symhols: The Case of the Winged Disc in Near Eastern Imagery
      of the First Millennium BCE', in C. E. Suter and C. Uehlinger (edd.),
      /Crafts and Images in Contact. Studies on Eastern Mediterranean Art of
      the First Millenium BCE /(Fribourg, Academic Press, 2005), pp. 207-241,
      especially 207-210; S.W. Holloway, /As(s(ur is King ! As(s(ur is King !
      Religion in the Exercise of Power in the Neo-Assyrian Empire/
      (Leiden-Boston-Ko"ln, Brill, 2002), pp. 66-67 ; M. A. Atac,, /The
      Mythology of Kingship in Neo-Assyrian Art/ (Cambridge, CU.P., 2011), pp.
      126-128 (overly speculative).

      I hope this will help you begin.

      J.-F. Nardelli
      Universite' de Provence.

      Le 28/12/2012 18:59, Michael F. Lane a e'crit :
      > Dear all,
      > Can any point me to some good summary sources on the origin and
      > development of the god in the winged wheel motif, associated first (?)
      > with Ashur and eventually with Ahura Mazda?
      > All best wishes for the holidays,
      > Michael F. Lane
      > Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County

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