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14170Re: [ANE-2] Sumerian 'me' - Akkadian 'melammu'

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  • Diana Gainer
    Mar 15 11:01 AM
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      According to "A Concise Dictionary of Akkadian" by Black, George, and Postgate (2000), Akkadian 'melammu' meaning "shining garment" derives from 'melemmu', "fearsome radiance" (as of deity, demon, planet/star, or king), ultimately from Sumerian.  According to "Sumerian Lexicon" by Halloran (2006), the Sumerian original would seem to be 'me-lam2/lem4' or 'me-lem3', meaning "terrifying glance; splendor, radiance" rather than 'me' ("essence, function, office").  But perhaps the two Sumerian words are related?
      Diana Gainer
      Texas A&M-Commerce

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      I think Prof Vladimir Emelianov at St. Petersburg University in Russia is the one to ask.

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      Prof. Xianhua Wang, PhD
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      At 11:06 on 2012-03-15, "sujuca2"<cjsulz@...> wrote:

      >Dear list members,
      >Can anyone enlighten me as to whether there is any relationship between Sumerian 'me' and Akkadian 'melammu'? These concepts both seem to be divine qualities that can be tagged on to persons and objects. Is there a lexical relationship between the words? Is there an evolution from the Sumerian concept onto the Akkadian one? I have looked at CAD, but that doesn't go further than suggesting that it is a Sumerian loan word.
      >Any help (and references) would be greatly appreciated.
      >Carla Sulzbach,

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