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14168Re: Reflections on the EES Excavations at Amarna

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  • Michael Brass
    Mar 15, 2012
      > 1.1. Reflections on the EES Excavations at Amarna
      >    Posted by: "Brian" r.brianroberts@... r.brianroberts
      >    Date: Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:11 am ((PDT))
      > I quite accidentally discovered a set of short videos on Youtube comprised of film shot during the 1930-1933 seasons at Amarna, under the Directorship of John Pendlebury. The first thing that occurred to me was how ahead of his time he was to realize the power of the moving image to enthrall the public back home! And secondly, it may be the first multimedia excavation ever (in their case, printed report and film).
      > Does anyone on the list know if that's true?

      There are short film clips of Sir Henry Wellcome's 1911-14 excavations
      at the famous site Jebel Moya, south-central Sudan, which I am
      re-examining. The clips are available on the Wellcome Trust's website.

      Mike Brass
      University College London
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