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14131Conference Announcement - Archaeology of the Time of Jesus

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  • Peter Van Der Veen
    Mar 1, 2012
      Windows on the Biblical Past
      International Conference of Biblical Archaeology
      at the Chr. Gaestezentrum Württemberg (Schoenblick)
      near Stuttgart from September 28-30 (2012)

      JESUS OF NAZARETH - An archaeological and religious journey through time

      Prof. Dr Chrys Caragounis (University of Lund)
      Prof. Dr James H. Charlesworth (Princeton University)
      Prof. Dr John Fischer (Rosh Yeshiva, Netzer David International)
      Johannes Gerloff (Middle East correpsondent)
      Dr Viktor Golinets (University of Basel)
      Michael Hesemann (journalist and lecturer)
      Rev Dr Hermann Mahnke (NT studies)
      Alexander Schick (Qumran studies)
      Prof. Dr Tom Tribelhorn (Judaic studies)
      Dr Peter van der Veen (ABA and Mainz University)
      Richard Wiskin (lecturer on biblical themes)


      Jesus and purification rites
      Jesus and Qumran
      Jesus and the Synagogue
      Archaeological Discoveries from the Time of Jesus
      Workshop on "Jesus the Messiah"

      Excerpt from the Invitation Flyer:

      "... Where did Jesus grow up and which religious concepts shaped him? ... Who was he? Was he merely a rebel who sought to destabilize Roman supremecy? Was he just the leader of another Jewish sect at the time of the Herodian Temple? A lay Rabbi? Or was he none other than God's Messiah? ... Also this year we were able to invite renowned scholars to speak to us about these fascinating religious and archaeological topics. They will bring us back to the world of Jesus."

      For registrations and prices please contact Peter van der Veen van_der_Veen@... for a digital version of the invitation flyer.

      Dr. Pieter Gert van der Veen
      Arbeitsgruppe für Biblische Archäologie/ABA
      Postdoctoral studies at
      Trinity College Bristol
      Joh. Gutenberg University of Mainz

      Reinhardstrasse 31
      D-73614 Schorndorf
      Tel. (+49) (0) 7181-989118 (office)
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