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13643Re: [ANE-2] Elephantine

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    Oct 6 1:56 PM
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      Perhaps, but one should also take into account their appeal in the same
      letter to Delaiah and Shelemiah, sons of Sanballat, suggesting that the
      Elephantine Judeans may have also had a significant Samarian component. Were
      Samarian and Judean mutually exclusive terms in this period? Were the sons of
      Sanballat involved in a purely political context, or was their consultation
      also important in the religious sphere? The ethnic / religious / political
      interrelationships appear complex.

      Best regards,
      Russell Gmirkin
      Portland, OR

      Dear Niels Peter,

      I wonder if their correspondence with the governor of Yehud would suggest
      that the Yehud community also saw these people as Judeans.

      At the very least, it seems to imply that the Judeans of Elephantine
      expected and assumed that the governor of Yehud and its officials and high
      priest would perceive them as fellow Judeans.


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