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13179FW: Textual Growth - 2nd Call for papers

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  • Lisbeth S. Fried
    Feb 16, 2011
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      Dear All (with apologies for cross-posting)

      The Textual Growth Group of SBL is issuing a call for papers for the 2011
      Meeting in San Francisco.

      Call ends March 1.

      This Group asks how the biblical text was composed, augmented, rewritten and
      rearranged to form the various versions that we have - the MT, LXX, DSS,
      etc. The group focuses on texts in which two or more different versions of
      the same story or passage exists and asks what these different witnesses can
      tell us about the composition process itself. The group seeks to bring
      together scholars from different fields of specialization, such as the
      Septuagint, Qumran, textual criticism, literary criticism, historical
      criticism, and conventional exegesis.

      Call For Papers

      Variant textual witnesses imply that scribes had considerable liberty in
      making changes to texts of the Hebrew Scriptures. The group invites paper
      proposals dealing with the processes of textual growth, and especially those
      which focus on what textual differences can tell us about the composition
      process of apparently authoritative works.

      Please consider proposing a paper.

      Please forward this call for papers to interested parties.

      All best wishes,

      Liz Fried and Juha Pakkala

      Lisbeth S. Fried, Ph.D. Department of Near Eastern Studies and the Frankel
      Center for Judaic Studies

      University of Michigan 202 S. Thayer -- Room 4111 Ann Arbor, MI 48104
      www.lizfried.com <http://www.lizfried.com/>

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