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13107SV: SV: [ANE-2] Articles by Michael Rowton

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  • Niels Peter Lemche
    Jan 5, 2011
      Dear Peter,

      Good idea. I know Gary having reviewed several books for him (still owing him one review). He may be the right person.

      Niels Peter Lemche

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      Emne: Re: SV: [ANE-2] Articles by Michael Rowton

      I suggest you approach Gary Beckman, AOS Section Editor, about reviving the book
      publication of the articles. It could be a bit of a task to discover the
      copyright-holders of all of them, a quarter-century on.
      Peter T. Daniels grammatim@...
      Jersey City

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      Subject: SV: [ANE-2] Articles by Michael Rowton

      AS far as I understand, Rowton was working at a collected edition of his
      articles when he suddenly died in January 1986. Since then nobody cared. His
      studies belong, however, among the more important studies of this subject. Read
      most of them when working with Early Israel (1985). Although his basic ideas may
      not be absolutely correct (the very idea of a "dimorphic" society), they are
      still important. If the articles could be put together, it would be nice, either
      in paper, or perhaps better in an electronic version. I suppose that these
      studies belong together with, e.g., Kupper's Les nomades, among the classics in
      this field.

      Niels Peter Lemche

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