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  • judith weingarten
    Sep 30, 2010
      Posted on behalf of Dr Peter Pavúk:

      Dear colleagues and friends,

      The summer is definitely over (at least in Central Europe) and with most
      of us now home from various digs or study seasons, I would like to
      announce the publication of the following volume:

      B. Horejs, R. Jung and Peter Pavúk (Eds.): *Analysing Pottery.
      Processing - Classification - Publication. *Studia Archaeologica et
      Medievalia X. Bratislava, 2010.

      DinA4 size, soft cover, 325 pages, ISBN: 978-80-223-2748-0, price 45,00

      The volume looks back at two scientific meetings, both discussing the
      basic question of

      how to deal with large amounts of pottery from long-term excavations.
      Due to the important role of methodology, we have actively sought out
      contributions from a wider range of geographic regions and chronological
      periods. Thus, this volume includes studies from Greece, Egypt,
      Anatolia, Italy, and Central Europe, covering periods from Bronze Age to
      Early Medieval. A table of contents is attached below. For more
      information please see

      http://archeologia.fphil.uniba.sk/attachments/Horejs_Jung_Pavuk_press.pdf <http://%22/>

      Since this subject was bit too narrow for our publishing house, the
      volume will be made available by alternate means, either via book
      exchange (contact Dr. Peter Pavuk under pavuk@...) or online
      at http://www.vml-verlag.de/e/detail.php?ISBN=978-80-223-2748-0

      If you find this volume useful, please forward this information to your
      local librarian.


      B. Horejs - R. Jung - P. Pavúk

      Introductory Remarks, or What Should Be Done with a Pile of Sherds

      B. Horejs

      Possibilities and Limitations in Analysing Ceramic Wares

      L. Berger

      Zur Terminologie und Definition der Oberflächenbehandlung anhand
      gebrannter Gefäße in der prähistorischen Keramikforschung

      J. Machacek

      Zur Methode der Bearbeitung der (frühmittelalterlichen) Keramik aus

      P. Pavúk

      Pottery Processing at Troy. Typology, Stratigraphy and Correspondence
      Analysis: How Do They Work Together?

      K. Sabatová

      Möglichkeiten der statistischen Methoden bei der Auswertung eines
      bronzezeitlichen Fundorts (Práslavice, Mähren, Tschechische Republik)

      J. Kneisel - H. Dibbern - S. Diers

      Ein Aufnahmesystem für bronzezeitliche Keramik

      R. Jung

      Classification, Counting and Publication of Aegean-Type Pottery around
      the Mediterranean

      L. Girella

      The Gold of Rhadamanthus: Ceramic Deposits and Wares Distribution at
      Phaistos and Ayia Triada during Middle Minoan III period

      D. P. Mielke

      Kusakli und Bogazköy (Türkei) - Zwei Ansätze zur Bearbeitung großer
      Keramikmengen aus hethitischen Kontexten

      B. Bader

      Processing and Analysis of Ceramic Finds at the Egyptian Site of Tell
      el-Daba/Avaris (“Eves” and Other Strange Animals)

      B. Lis

      Cooking Pottery in the Late Bronze Age Aegean - an Attempt at a
      Methodological Approach

      T. Scarano

      The Burnt Layer of the Apennine Fortification Walls of Roca (Lecce,
      Italy): the Typological Classification of Pottery Assemblages as an
      Instrument for Functional Characterisation of Archaeological Contexts

      C. Tappert

      Statistical Analysis and Historical Interpretation - La Tène Pottery
      from Straubing-Bajuwarenstraße, Lower Bavaria

      M. Corremans - J. Poblome - P. Bes - M. Waelkens

      The Quantification of Amphorae from Roman Sagalassos, Southwest Turkey

      W. Gauss

      Ägina Kolonna - Materialaufnahme, Dokumentation und Datenverwaltung

      ********************************************** www.aegeobalkanprehistory.net

      Dr. Peter Pavúk

      Department of Archaeology

      Program in Classical Archaeology

      Comenius University

      Gondova 2

      SK-81499 Bratislava


      +421-2-59339-389, -285

      +421-905-309 144

      [Sent by Judith Weingarten]


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