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12561Re: [ANE-2] Amunhotep & Akhenaten

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  • Gene Greenwood
    Jun 20, 2010
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      It seems to me that Raston is making a statement about DNA per se and not declaring anybody non-Egyptian. It is certainly possible that the R1b1b2 characteristic could go many generations back through the pharonic linage. Raston's comments did not single out D19 but only cited a characteristic that happens to be available there.
      Gene Greenwood
      Tahoe City, CA

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      Where did you find information that the 19th dynasty was of non-Egyptian origin? Ramesses I's father was a minor official under Amenhotep III. 18th Dynasty rulers would not have been favorable to Hyksos or related peoples being in their governments, as they had waged an extended campaign at the end of the 17th/beginning of the 18th dynasties to drive the Hyksos out of Lower Egypt. Two of the last pharaohs of the 17th Dynasty (Sekenenre II and Kamose) appear to have died in battle, likely with the Hyksos, and Ahmose I, Kamose's brother/successor, succeeded in driving the Asiatics out (at least for the most part).
      Earl J. Heinrich
      Plymouth, MN

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      From: Ratson Naharadama <yahoo-arch@...>
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      Subject: [ANE-2] Amunhotep & Akhenaten

      I was watching a Discovery Channel program about the recent DNA testing
      of Tut`ankh'amun, and there is a scene where they are comparing the
      Y-chromosomal DNA of Amunhotep-iii and Akhen'aten. Looking at the STR
      profiles they had on the screen, it looks like they are R1b1b2, which is
      fairly rare in Egypt, but common in western europe. I'm aware the
      Seti/Ri`amesses family originate somewhere in or near the Levant, but is
      there any tradition that the A`akhmossi/Tehutimossi/Amunhotep family
      originates somewhere outside of Egypt that I somehow missed?

      Has the team that was doing the testing released the full DNA results
      from their investigation?

      Many thanks in advance for any information or leads.

      Ratson Nahar├Ądama
      Denver, Colorado

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