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12554Photograph of the Tell Fakhariya statue

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  • amizzoni@ymail.com
    Jun 19, 2010
      Dear all,
      I'm looking for a photograph of the Tell Fakhariya statue (National Museum of Damascus). Unfortunately, the editio princeps is not available in my local libraries and is completely out of print as far as I know.
      The book I'm referring to is:
      Asaf, Bordreuil and Millard, La statue de Tell Fekherye et son inscription bilingue assyro-arameenne (Paris) 1982.

      I have access to the images published in CRAI and The Biblical Archaeologist, but they are unsatisfactory for my purposes. I wandered if anyone could send me a copy of a photograph both inscriptions.

      Many thanks in advance.

      Kind regards,
      Alejandro Mizzoni
      University of Buenos Aires
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