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12517Achaemenid Bactrian Documents

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  • Charles E. Jones
    May 28, 2010
      Just to add some clarity to this murky matter.

      The publication of these documents by Joseph Naveh and Shaul
      Shaked, Ancient Aramaic Documents from Bactria, 1-874780-74-9,
      listed on the publishers website as having appeared in 2005
      (http://www.khalili.org/research-ic-aramaic.html), has not
      actually appeared.

      Shaked's 2003 lectures at the College de France did appear in
      the slim volume Le satrape de Bactriane et son gouverneur.
      Documents araméens du IVe s. avant notre ère. Conférences
      données au Collège de France, 14 et 21 mai 2003, "Persika" 4,
      de Boccard, 2004.

      For the fragments of Elamite administrative documents of
      Achaemenid date excavated at Old Kandahar, see Svend Helms,
      Excavations at Old Kandahar in Afghanistan 1976-78, vol. II:
      Stratigraphy, pottery, and other finds (BAR International
      Series 686 = Society for South Asian Studies Monograph 2).

      -Chuck Jones-
      ISAW - NYU
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