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12509Re: [ANE-2] Re: Neanderthal

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  • Geoffrey Summers
    May 26, 2010
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      Dear Alfredo,

      I have only just seen your message which for some reason found its way
      into my spam box. My question was rhetorical. I think it very unlikely
      that Hom Sap-Neanderthal offspring would be fertile. Therefore I am very
      suspicious of the claim that there the genetic analysis, or perhaps its
      interpretation, is correct. I do not see how we could carry Neanderthal
      genetic material today unless offspring were fertile.

      Yes indeed horses and donkeys, also bactrian and dromedary camels etc
      have infertile offspring.



      alf_rizza wrote:
      > Dear Geoffrey, why do say that if Sapiens and Neanderthal interbred this
      > surely implies that offspring of such union would be fertile? Is it not
      > true that horses and donkey can interbreed, but the offspring is not
      > fertile? Do we have other evidence rather than logical implication to
      > assert that offspring of Sap Sap and Neanderthal were fertile? (I do not
      > know anything about this topic...)
      > All the best
      > Alfredo R.
      > Alfredo Rizza
      > Vis. Sch. UCB - Dep. of Linguistics

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