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12462RE: [ANE-2] Re: Question, Ramat Rahel

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  • Yigal Levin
    May 12, 2010
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      The present excavator, Oded Lipschits of Tel Aviv University, does not think
      that Ramat Rahel was the palace of any of the kings of Judah. He sees it as
      the seat of the Assyrian, Babylonian and the Persian governors who
      controlled Judah, even while there was still a vassal king in Jerusalem,
      certainly after the city was destroyed. You can see the project website at

      Yigal Levin

      Bar-Ilan University


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      Dear Russell - Jehoiakim ruled 11 years according to the book of Kings. His
      son Jehoiachin ruled for 3 months. Usually, you are accurate about these
      things so your mind must be distracted for the moment. However, it is
      interesting that Daniel 1:1 indicates Jehoiakim ruled for just 3 years and
      the text describing his rule in the book of Kings says he was a loyal
      servant of Nebuchadnezzer for 3 years and then rebelled. So the regnal term
      of 11 years may be the work of redaction. Also, if Jehoiakim had to pay such
      a large fine, is it likely he had the money to build a new fancy palace?

      Frank Clancy
      Waterloo, Ontario Canada

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      > Dear list,
      > The royal palace in the citadel in Stratum Va of Ramat Rahel uncovered in
      > 1959-1964 was provisionally dated by the excavator Aharoni to the time of
      > Jehoiakim based on a comparison of window balustrades with proto-Aeolic
      > colonnettes with Jer. 22.14, which refers to construction of a royal
      palace with
      > cut windows. Is this likely, given that Jehoiakim only ruled three
      > months, the omission of palace location in Jer. 22, and the tenuous
      > link between the poem and the preceding reference to Jehoiakim? I know
      > there have been ongoing excavations there. Do later excavators concur with

      > Aharoni?
      > Best regards,
      > Russell Gmirkin
      > Portland, OR

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