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12461VS: Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology

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  • Niels Peter Lemche
    May 12, 2010
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      With the consent of David Frankel

      Niels Peter Lemche
      University of Copenhagen

      Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology (Astrom Editions - Åströms förlag)

      Astrom Editions was founded by the late Professor Paul Åström in 1962 to publish monographs on Mediterranean archaeology. He had a vision to share and spread knowledge about Mediterranean archaeology, mainly from Cyprus and Greece. Almost 50 years later, the series Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology (SIMA) comprises about 170 excavation reports and other monographs covering a broad area of different topics within the field.

      In 1974 Paul Åström started a parallel series, Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology and Literature - Pocket-books which now consists of over 170 titles mainly on Greek, Cypriote, Italian and Near Eastern archaeology.

      Paul Åström passed away in 2008. Åströms förlag continues the publishing activity in honour of his major contribution to the history and archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean region. The publishing company, Åströms förlag - Astrom Editions, is now managed by Dr Lennart Åström.

      Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology is now edited by Professor David Frankel and Dr Jennifer Webb (La Trobe University, Melbourne) with the assistance of an Editorial Board of specialists in the area.

      The Editors welcome enquiries regarding publication of monographs on the archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean world from Palaeolithic to Roman times. The monograph series focuses on research carried out in Cyprus and Greece, but other areas of the Eastern Mediterranean, including Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Turkey, are included within its scope.

      For further information, contact the Editors (sima@...<mailto:sima@...>)

      Or go to http://www.astromeditions.com<http://www.astromeditions.com/>

      Professor David Frankel PhD FAHA

      Archaeology Program
      La Trobe University
      Bundoora 3086
      phone (03) 9479 1429
      fax (03) 9479 1881

      Editor in Chief
      Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology