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12359Re: [ANE-2] Gilgamesh XI:5

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  • Robert M Whiting
    Apr 1, 2010
      On Thu, 1 Apr 2010, Donald R. Vance, Ph.D. wrote:

      > gummurka libbi ana ep?? tuqunti
      > [gummurka libbi ana epe:$ tuqunti]
      > is found in CAD (s.v. gam?ru 3.h), where CAD renders it as "Your heart
      > is wholly given to fighting." It seems to me that CAD here is reading
      > gummur as a D infinitive followed by the genitive of libbu (note the
      > lack of macron over the final i) "Your dedicating of the heart to the
      > making of war" = "your heart is wholly given to fighting"

      This is not a valid parsing because in Akkadian (and Semitic languages in
      general) nothing can intervene between a construct and its genitive (and
      that includes pronominal suffixes, which themselves normally stand in a
      construct-genitive relationship with the noun to which they are attached);
      therefore, libbi cannot stand in a genitival relationship to a putative D
      infinitive construct gummur. Hence gummur must be interpreted as a
      stative and libbi must be interpreted as nominative plus first person
      suffix, libbi:.

      Bob Whiting
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