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12187RE: [ANE-2] Eisenbrauns Valentine's Day contest results

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  • James Spinti
    Feb 15, 2010
      Peter is correct, of course. The discourse is in Ugaritic and Hebrew; my bad--Dennis Pardee would have my head :)


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      Vide infra.
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      >Subject: [ANE-2] Eisenbrauns Valentine's Day contest results
      >The results of our third annual Valentine's day contest are in!
      >Our judge and webmaster has made his final decisions; it's too
      >late to bribe with chocolate, hot peppers, etc. The entries this
      >year, as always, reflected a good deal of thought and talent.
      >You can see the results here:
      >The results this year:
      >Honorable Mention:
      >Houria Lauffenburger, with a cuneiform heart
      >B.C. Hodge with a dialog between Gerlab and Helomatt
      >(in Hebrew and Akkadian, no less)

      In Hebrew and Ugaritic, actually.

      >Third Prize and a $25.00 Eisenbrauns gift certificate:
      >Rosa Hunt with a Syriac poem
      >Second Prize and a $50.00 Eisenbrauns gift certificate:
      >Max Roglund with a Hebrew poem entitled "The Song of the Four Locusts"
      >complete with translator's footnote
      >And, finally, First Prize and a $75.00 Eisenbrauns gift certificate:
      >Olivier Lauffenburger with an Old Babylonian Love Poem

      With photograph, handcopy, transliteration, and translation.


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