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12154Trojan Gold?

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  • sbudin@camden.rutgers.edu
    Jan 31, 2010
      Interesting story:


      Tracing ancient roots of Penn Museum's gold
      By Tom Avril

      Inquirer Staff Writer

      The scientist had traveled from Germany to examine the ancient items
      that lay before him on the University of Pennsylvania laboratory
      table, and he was dazzled.

      Earrings with cascades of golden leaves. Brooches adorned with tightly
      coiled spirals. A necklace strung with hundreds of gold ringlets and

      The jewelry bore a striking resemblance to objects from one of the
      world's great collections - a controversial treasure unearthed long
      ago from the fabled city of Troy.

      With lots more....

      -Stephanie Budin, Rutgers University, Camden

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