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11731Re: [ANE-2] Two Qumran articles

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  • goranson@duke.edu
    Dec 8, 2009
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      1) Russell Gmirkin made (on 4 Dec 2009) some mistaken assertions. For example,
      he wrote:

      > [....] (1) The few
      > scrolls that are dated to the first century BCE -- contemporary with the site
      > of Qumran -- on unambiguous internal evidence, such as the Mishmarot and
      > the Alexander Jannaeus text, contain no sectarian language. [....]

      Gmirkin's claim is mistaken; for example, 4QpesherNahum is surely a sectarian
      text, and Qumran scholars agree almost unanimously--a rare
      distinction--that it
      refers to crucifixions in the first century BCE, all (but one) specifying 88

      2) James C. VanderKam has an article in the latest Dead Sea Discoveries 16
      (November 2009) 416-432, "The Oath and the Community," that even further
      strengthens the match between the timing of the Essene oath described in
      Josephus War 2 and the oath described in some sectarian texts of Qumran.

      Stephen Goranson
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