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11703Re: Brief queries in reply to 'Two Qumran articles/a reply'

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  • dastacey62
    Dec 4, 2009
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      There are also no Turkish settlements at Qumran. The area would certainly have been exploited by semi-nomadic people throughout history and, as we know very little about the burial habits of the poor, of nomads and of slaves, it is a dangerous assumption that ALL the non-bedouin graves at Qumran are 'Essene'.
      David Stacey

      --- In ANE-2@yahoogroups.com, Joe Zias <joezias@...> wrote:
      > As there are no late Roman nor Byzantine settlements at Qumran it's hard to visualize that until the Turkish period that anyone was living, or burying there. True there are Islamic burials here and there not mentioned in the literature, if one walks the region one can find them, in fact I believe that the Qumran cemetery goes a bit further north than what is realized. Iron Age people burying in the same way as the Essenes, hard to believe
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