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  • Thomas L. Thompson
    Nov 8, 2009
      Dear Jean Fabrice
      "Red-necks" is ever a title of shame--and indeed very rude. A language nuance.

      If you are for debate, you might answer my question! The "debate" has not been friendly since 1974; nor has it been a mere war of words.The war in Palestine and Israel is both current and real.

      I visited France as a very young student--your description of the cloying politeness of the French escapes all memory.

      Are we to take it then that you wish to say no more than that you would prefer that this debate were nice? If so, we can ignore you........................................politely, of course.

      Thomas L. Thompson
      Professor emeritus, University of Copenhagen


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      Sendt: sø 08-11-2009 20:27
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      Emne: Re: SV: [ANE-2] collapsed conquest theories-ps

      Dear Prof. Thomson,

      I am all for debate, but when friendly disagreement becomes a war of words, something which has plagued Classical studies for long (in Greek we have had a long and very distinguished tradition of tearing fellow scholars apart ; just have a look at the pamphlets traded by Rhode and Wilamowitz around Nietzsche's Geburt der Tragödie, one of them being entitle Afterphilogie, with an anal wordplay), things get out of hand and the best interest of scholarship are no longer served. Issues of tact and cortesy in a printed text are no less important for a Frenchmen than they are to an American.

      Jean-Fabrice Nardelli

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