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  • Thomas L. Thompson
    Nov 8, 2009
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      Dear Jean-Fabrice,
      As I patiently explained to Niels Peter: For many Americans, rudeness is of itself--regardless of cause--reprehensible. Even worse, rudeness and accuracy for these same Americans is unforgivable! Faust has very politely and without grounds accused Lemche and like-minded scholars of being anti-Semitic. Lemche very rudely dismissed Faust's work as a form of pornography. Do you really wish to object to Niels Peter's outburst for the sake of some thin ideal of scholarly politeness? I will not hesitate to say that I find your letter shameful. Do you really wish to defend the kind of dishonest scholarship such as Faust's which we have accepted these past many decades is acceptable merely on the grounds of its politeness?

      P.S. I have been a colleague of Lemche's for 16 years and, at least speak from experience and knowledge. What is your reason for preferring Faust's slander?

      Thomas L. Thompson
      Professor emeritus, University of Copenhagen

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