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11439Ancient World in Open Access Institutional Repositories

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  • cejo@uchicago.edu
    Oct 7, 2009
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      See this message with links at

      It is increasingly the case that scholars in ancient studies are depositing copies of their
      publications in institutional repositories. Some examples are:

      * Baines, John. Open Access to John Baines' Articles (ORA: Oxford University Research Archive) -
      17 items
      * Chaniotis, Angelos. Schriften von Angelos Chaniotis (Propylaeum-DOK) - 52 items
      * Bintliff, J. L. Open access to J. L. Bintliff's articles (DSpace at Leiden University) - 122 items
      * Funke, Peter. Schriften von Peter Funke (Propylaeum-DOK) - 21 items
      * George, Andrew. Open access to Andrew George's articles (SOAS Research Online) - 27 items
      * Hoogendijk, F. A. J. Open access to F. A. J. Hoogendijk's articles (DSpace at Leiden
      University) - 35 items
      * Pelling, Christopher B. R. Open Access to Christopher B. R. Pelling's Articles (ORA: Oxford
      University Research Archive) - 42 items
      * Quack, Joachim Friedrich. Schriften von Joachim Friedrich Quack (Propylaeum-DOK) - 20 items
      * Schmitzer, Ulrich. Schriften von Ulrich Schmitzer (Propylaeum-DOK) - 37 items
      * Stupperich, Reinhard. Schriften von Reinhard Stupperich (Propylaeum-DOK) - 68 items
      * Worp, Klaas A. Open access to K. A. Worp's articles (DSpace at Leiden University) - 354 items
      * Younger, John. Open access to John Younger's articles (KU ScholarWorks) - 31 items
      * Yule, Paul. Schriften von Paul Yule zu Arabien (Propylaeum-DOK) - 17 items

      Are you doing the same? Do you know of others doing this? Let me know, and I'll add them to Abzu,
      and begin compiling a list of useful repositories.


      -Chuck Jones-
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