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11438SV: [ANE-2] Re: Philistine origins

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  • aren
    Oct 7, 2009
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      Without getting into a debate in this forum, since it would appear rather circular, it should be noted by listers that ALL of those working on the early Philistine remains in Philistia, having a close, up-to-date and broad knowledge of the wide variety of finds typical of the early Philistine levels at the various Philistine sites (e.g., Ekron, Ashdod, Gath and Ashkelon) strongly believe that a major (but not sole) component of the early Philistine culture is in fact non-local and most likely derives from, inter alia, the Aegean, Anatolia and/or Cyprus. This does mean that there are not local elements in this culture, but rather, in the initial stage, foreign elements are very dominant. Also, it should be stressed that the character of the Aegean connections with the Levant in the LB are COMPLETELY different from that seen in the early Iron Age Philistine sites. This does not only include pottery and architecture, but is seen in cult, diet (as seen thru botanical and zoological remains), cooking methods, etc.

      Just writing this so that those who are not intimately familiar with the relevant discussions won't think that the other view, repeatedly espoused on the list recently, is the accepted view. :-)

      Aren Maeir
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