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11434Re: [ANE-2] Re: Philistine Architecture? (was: Philistine areas)

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  • David Hall
    Oct 6, 2009
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      There are also elements of EB oil lamps that are similar to IA oil lamps in as much as there is a basic saucer form in each.  I would suggest more advanced ceramic studies.
      David Q. Hall

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      Subject: [ANE-2] Re: Philistine Architecture? (was: Philistine areas)
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      Hello David.
      Thankyou, yes very absorbing reading.
      Taking one publication specifically, The Philistines and their Material Culture, 1982. What is noticable is that much emphasis was made, and is still made, on the suggestion that 'Philistine Wares' consisting of the Krater, Stirrup Jar, Pyxis, Strainer Spout, and a few others, show distinct Mycenaean inspiration.
      Grist for the mill when hypothesizing a direct Aegean origin for those illusive invaders.

      However, Ruth Amiran in her Ancient Pottery of the Holy Land, 1970, had already pointed out that the Krater, Stirrup Jar, Pyxis & Strainer Spout Jug were not newely arrived 12th century forms but had actually been well known and used in the Levant in Late Bronze IIA & IIB.

      So although we can readily accept a degree of Mycenaean inspiration, such inspiration was not newely arrived but had actually preceded the 12th century by several hundred years.
      Mycenaean styles unearthed in the Levant do not support the Sea Peoples hypothesis, the styles were already there..

      All the best, Jon smyth
      Toronto, CAN.

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      >Trude Dothan has published much about the material culture of
      >the Sea Peoples including pottery analysis of pottery forms from
      >Israel, Crete, Cyprus, Aegean sites etc.  I would recommend
      >her research publication as she was trained in pottery
      >identification and produced evidence for her theories.

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