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  • aren
    Oct 1, 2009
      Ashkelon is a National Park (which requires an entrance fee). The MB gate is particularly well-developed for visitors, but they have signs and paths leading to the other parts of the site as well.
      Gath (Tell es-Safi) is a national park as well, but does not require paying an entrance fee. There are paths and signs that lead to the various parts of the site. To see the Iron Age siege system you have to go on your own - no official paths or signs there.
      Ashdod is a hill NE of Ashdod, near the railway tracks. You can walk up to the hill, and if you have a plan of the excavations, more or less make out the various areas. Do note that there is a very cute museum in the city of Ashdod that has some finds from various Philistine sites and some create life size recreations of Philistines, etc.
      Ekron: There are dirt paths that lead up to the site, which at times are very muddy and hard to access with a car/bus. On the site, most of the finds are covered over, save for part of the gate area.
      Gaza: You'll have to speak to the Hamas about that, but there might be some interesting finds in the tunnels...

      Aren Maeir
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