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11322PERSIA: Is Nehemiah depicted at Persepolis?

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  • Trudy Kawami
    Aug 31 12:39 PM
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      The Treasury Relief referred to was originally installed as one of a
      mirror image set in the center of the staircases of the Apadana. This
      structure seems to have been completed by the death of Darius. At a
      later period, the central panels were removed, stored in the treasury
      bldg, and replaced by Xerxes' inscription panels & reliefs of court
      guards/soldiers. So it would be unlikely that an advisor to a later
      ruler would be depicted in the reliefs. See A. B. Tilia, Studies and
      Restorations at Persepolis and Other Sites in Fars, vols 1 & 2, Rome,
      1972 & 1978 for the archaeological context of the Treasury Reliefs..

      The ethnic groups at Persepolis included the very significant Elamites
      who had been politically & militarily powerful in southern & western
      Iran since the 3rd mill BCE. Elamites played a role in the Persepolis
      bureaucracy. The Persepolis Treasury tablets have yielded the Elamite
      title qa-ap-nu-ish-ki-ra , treasurer, which later survives as a dynastic
      name, Kamnaskires, in the region during the Parthian period. It is just
      as likely that a Treasurer would stand behind the king as a vizier. You
      might want to look at M. Cool Root's "Cultural Pluralisms on the
      Persepolis Fortification Tablets," Topoi, supplement 1, 1997, pp.

      The Achaemenids were not just "Medes & Persians."

      Trudy Kawami


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