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11319Re: [ANE-2] PERSIA: Is Nehemiah depicted at Persepolis?

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  • Graham Hagens
    Aug 31, 2009
      --- On Sun, 8/30/09, larsinger58 <larsinger58@...> wrote:
      >The Bible says that Nehemiah was the cupbearer to Artaxerxes I. ....
      >... a fascinating artistic picture of Persia during the time of Darius I, Xerxes and >Artaxerxes. ... So, is this actually Nehemiah confirmed at Persepolis behind Artaxerxes II >or not? Per the Bible, Nehemiah was his cupbearer for his entire 41-year rule, surviving >him into the reign of Darius II ...
      Your ambivalence between Artaxerxes I (464-424) and II (403-369), and Darius I (522-486) and II (423-404) is perhaps symptomatic of some of the unresolved chronological issues associated with that period. 
      Graham Hagens

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