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10928Re: [ANE-2] Priestesses in ANE (at the turn of the Era)

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  • Giuseppe Del Monte
    Jul 1, 2009
      At 10.51 01/07/2009, you wrote:
      >Hi all
      >I was involved recently on a discussion with some friends about matters
      >totally off-topic but tangential to this list. I carried the day, with
      >an -it seems- very convincing demostration that women priestesses
      >(defined as a woman with a central and active function at ritual events)
      >were a not unsual feature all across the Mediterranean Rim and the NE in
      >pre-christian times. While I suspect I'm right, my argument had a flaw
      >Many thanks in advance
      > Werner Llácer
      > (IT) Project Manager

      On the participation of women in synagogues' rituals in early Judaism (some
      are called even Head of the Synagogue), in addition to Ross Shepard
      Kraemer's work mentioned by Stephanie Budin check out also Bernadette J.
      Brooten, Women Leaders in the Ancient Synagogue, Chico, Scholars Press,
      1982; Susan Grossman & Rivkah Haut eds., Daughters of the King: Women and
      the Synagogue, Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1992; and in
      general Lee I. Levine, The Ancient Synagogue: The First Thousand Years, New
      Haven and London, Yale University Press 1999. See also the early rabbinic
      reactions to the portrayals of female prophets in the Bible as sketched out
      (with bibliography) by Wilda C. Gafney, Daughters of Miriam. Women Prophets
      in Ancient Israel (Chapter 5), Minneapolis, Fortress Press 2008.

      With best regards,
      Giuseppe Del Monte

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