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10924Re: [ANE-2] Priestesses in ANE (at the turn of the Era)

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  • George F Somsel
    Jul 1, 2009
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      Heading (line 1)
      Tablet of rites for the high priestess of Emar’s storm god. 
      Day 1: The Day of Selection(lines 1–6)
      When the sons of Emar elevate the high priestess to the storm god, the sons of Emar take lots from the temple of NINURTA and grasp them before the storm god.
      The daughter of any son of Emar may be designated.
      On the same day they take fragrant oil from the palace and from NINKUR’s temple and place it on her head. 
      They offer before the storm god one sheep, one quart jar, and one standard vessel of wine.
      They give the diviner one shekel of silver.
      They send back to NINURTA’s temple eight dried cakes and one standard vessel along with the lots. During the consecration of the shaving ceremony they consecrate all the gods of Emar with bread and beer.
      Hallo, W. W., & Younger, K. L. (1997). The context of Scripture (427) "The Installation of the Storm God's High Priestess". Leiden; New York: Brill.

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      From: Werner Llácer <wernerj.llacer.ext@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, July 1, 2009 1:51:36 AM
      Subject: [ANE-2] Priestesses in ANE (at the turn of the Era)

      Hi all
      I was involved recently on a discussion with some friends about matters
      totally off-topic but tangential to this list. I carried the day, with
      an -it seems- very convincing demostration that women priestesses
      (defined as a woman with a central and active function at ritual events)
      were a not unsual feature all across the Mediterranean Rim and the NE in
      pre-christian times. While I suspect I'm right, my argument had a flaw
      my oponents were unable to spot: I actually had NO DATA (and in one
      instance probably a flat denial) of the validity of my arguments for
      the Levant in general, and more particulary at the turn of the Era.
      A preliminary search has given me no further clue so I turn to the list
      in search for possible witnesses of women acting in priestly functions
      during the -100 to 200 timeframe in the ANE. It does not need to be
      native (i.e. greeks are welcome). I'm also interested in "evidence of
      absence" cases beside the jewish one (but it could turn funny, for me,
      it this one were falsified )

      Many thanks in advance
      Werner Llácer
      (IT) Project Manager

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