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10648Re: [ANE-2] Sumerian question

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  • Michael F. Lane
    May 9, 2009
      Many thanks to the several persons who replied to question about Sumerian!

      Bob, the numbers make sense, now that I recognize that udu is synonymous
      in this context with udu-nita.

      John, thanks for informing me that e- in e-ta-e3 is equivalent to i3-!

      I think I've got it all figured out now -- but I'm please to know that so
      many on this list are willing to share their expertise, and I may turn to
      your good grace again.

      All very best,

      Michael Lane
      Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County

      Dr. Michael Franklin Lane
      Mycenaean Landscapes Project (MYLAPRO)
      Ancient Studies Department
      University of Maryland, Baltimore County
      Fine Arts Building, Room 452
      1000 Hilltop Circle
      Baltimore, MD 21250, USA
      Tel. +1-410-455-6265 / Fax +1-410-455-1660
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