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10511Ebla palace G

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  • Trudy Kawami
    Apr 16, 2009
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      It is very difficult to determine how & why a town, village, palace or
      house burned. We keep forgetting how dangerous buildings full of grain
      and textiles could be when all cooking was done with open fires.
      Remember the Great Fire of London or even Chicago. Neither of these were
      invasions; both leveled a good part of each town; and because of their
      manner of rebuilding neither have preserved the textiles & wood that we
      find at Neolithic Catal Huyuk which also burned frequently. These are

      Hasanlu, Iran, is a clear example of looting & burning, that is
      aggression. You can see how chaotic it was as looters carrying their
      booty were caught & killed in the collapsing buildings.

      Palace G at Ebla did not hold any victims caught in the collapse and it
      is hard to find any specific damage of an attack. But that does not mean
      that it's destruction was an accident. Sometimes we just don't know -
      yet. As for the lapis lazuli & other goods found in the ruins, remember
      that the palace was 2 or 3 stories high. Even if you knew that there was
      lapis lazuli under there it would be hard to know exactly where to dig.
      One would need food & shelter, and given the disruption of such an
      incident, whether by intention or accident, digging for lapis lazuli
      would not be uppermost in the mind. As for an army cleaning out the
      place before torching it, well that doesn't always happen. Look at the
      ivory storerooms at Nimrud. There is no easy answer to your question,
      I'm afraid.

      Trudy Kawami

      As proof, he cites the enormous amount of raw lapis lazuli and other
      precious goods that were left behind in the apparently unsalvagable
      remains (though one is left to wonder how modern archaeologists could
      salvage them if the poor ancients were somehow left unable to do so) as
      proof that an invading army was not the culprit, for they undoubtedly
      would have seized the booty before setting the torches upon the palace.

      Doug Petrovich
      Toronto, CA

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