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10366Re: Unexamined sites (TUBA)

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  • Brian Colless
    Apr 1, 2009
      It was a surprise to find Early Bronze Age inscriptions using the West
      Semitic syllabary at Umm el-Marra (Tuba, E of Aleppo and Alalakh, NE
      of Ebla and Ugarit, and a long way from Gubla/Byblos); dated c. 2300;
      a script that is apparently based on Old Kingdom hieratic signs . The
      little amulets may reflect Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife:
      NUSHI`U 'saved'; NIKAWANA 'he is established' (cp Egp 'justified')


      Brian Colless
      Massey University, NZ

      > The northern
      > portions of the Levant should yield substantial information about
      > connections between Egypt and Anatolia in the 2nd & 1st mill BCE.
      > Trudy Kawami

      On 2/04/2009, at 5:40 AM, Niels Peter Lemche wrote:

      > I would personally love to see some of the big cakes (they look like
      > that) on the Aleppo plain, between Aleppo and Ebla.
      > Niels Peter Lemche
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