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10355RE: [ANE-2] Unexamined sites

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  • Trudy Kawami
    Apr 1, 2009
      There are many significant sites all over the "Near East" i.e. Western
      Asian, awaiting exploration/excavation/basic surveying. The northern
      portions of the Levant should yield substantial information about
      connections between Egypt and Anatolia in the 2nd & 1st mill BCE.

      Trudy Kawami


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      Subject: [ANE-2] Unexamined sites

      I was wondering if members of this group had particular sites or
      localities they wish archaeologists would examine? I mean, sites that
      are possibly avaiable for archeological digs. The Temple Mount, for
      example, is not available at this time.

      For example, I wish an interesting tell near the West Bank town of
      Awarta would be examined. I believe it might be useful for greater
      understanding of this region in the Iron 2 age. The site controlled some
      interesting Iron Age routes south-west to the Sharon Plain, north-west
      to the region south of Samaria, south-east to the Jordan and the
      Ammon/Moab region, and north-south to Shechem and Jerusalem.

      Just a bit of wishful fancy.

      Frank Clancy

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