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1028Wikipedia & Mr. Grena

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  • Trudy Kawami
    Apr 5, 2006
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      [Moderator's note:

      The following post should have appeared earlier yesterday. The delay is
      entirely my fault. Hopefully this closes the episode.

      Trudy Kawami]


      From: Sam Wolff [mailto:sam@...]
      Subject: RE: Wikipedia & Mr. Grena

      First, let me get one thing straight. Mr. Grena's posting on Nahal Tut
      seems totally reliable and responsible- I did not notice any errors- and
      it gives proper credit to the excavators. If one is to post on
      Wikipedia, this is the way to do it. One of his two sources listed was
      the excavator's account on the IAA website, which, while preliminary,
      must be taken as an accurate account of their interpretation of the site
      when it was written. The other source was a media article which I have
      not checked, but we all know the hazards of extracting reliable
      information from such sources. If my post suggested that he acted
      improperly, then I apologize to him and to the list for this

      My source regarding my claim that he did not have any connection to the
      excavation or the excavators was one of the two excavators on the
      license, Gerald Finkielsztejn. He told me that he has never heard of Mr.
      Grena. If Mr. Grena received information from Amir Gorczalczany, the
      other co-director, Finkielsztejn didn't know about it, nor did I.

      In my original post I just wanted to make a point about rights to
      publish one's excavation. In the end, I learned something from the
      subsequent exchange of messages; that yes, anybody should have the right
      to repost anything that is already published, if it is done responsibly
      and if proper credit is given, and that one shouldn't always rely on
      Wikipedia for reliable research entries.

      Dr. Sam Wolff


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