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    Mar 4, 2009
      Clearly there is nothing at the Qumran dam site that identifies Herod as the builder, or maybe better the conscriptor since I doubt he personally built it. One can certainly reconstruct a Herodian construction view from the extant evidence, just as one can reconstruct a sectarian construction view from that same evidence. We may differ on which is more likely. I will certainly agree with David, however, "I know I wouldn't have liked to have been one of the labourers involved." Its hot down there. On the method of construction, I would guess slowly and carefully during a dry season lest it be washed away. Beyond that we have no evidence.

      Best wishes,
      Jeffrey A. Blakely
      Madison, WI

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      From: dastacey62 <DAVID.STACEY63@...>
      Date: Wednesday, March 4, 2009 3:03 am
      Subject: [ANE-2] Re: daming [formerly ink from a Dead Sea Scroll ...]
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      > In June 2007 I visited the site of the dam a couple of weeks after a
      > particularly ferocious flood had cleaned out the whole basin down to
      > bedrock (and killed two abseilers lower down the wadi). The entrance
      > to the aqueduct some 4 or 5 metres higher was completely inaccessible,
      > not only to an old fart like myself, but also to a young and agile PhD
      > student I was showing around. How exactly the dam was built is hard to
      > reconstruct. Presumably the stones were quarried in the basin itself
      > but there was little room for a ramp to get them to the upper courses
      > of the dam - I know I wouldn't have liked to have been one of the
      > labourers involved - perhaps as it's apparently so insignificant a
      > construction project you have ideas as to how it was built?
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