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    The Hydrogen News # 28 In this issue: Story #2 National Security to Lead Renewable Energy Deployment Story # 16 Experts: Global Warming Is Real Story # 22
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2005
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      The Hydrogen News # 28

      In this issue:

      Story #2 National Security to Lead Renewable Energy Deployment

      Story # 16 Experts: Global Warming Is Real

      Story # 22 Horrors of Global Warming Highlighted

      Story # 25 Global Warming Bill Means Thousands of New Jobs

      Story # 31 It's much too late to sweat global warming, Time to prepare for
      inevitable effects of our ill-fated future

      My story on water based transistors

      Story from guest writer Eric Kreig of phact.org

      Lots of other Climate Change stories

      The Hydrogen News is a free publication but if anyone would like to
      slip a couple of bucks my way to help with buying equipment to
      further my research I would appreciate it. I now have a Pay-Pal
      "Donate" button on my blog and my website for this purpose.
      Blog: http:enki.tblog.com
      Website: http://www.geocities.com/mj_17870/index.html

      The Future Is Now

      To say that the hold that human civilization has on this planet is a
      fragile and tenuous one seems untrue in these days of talk of life
      extention to one thousand years or more and unlimited capitalist
      expansion and growth through globalization. Yet in this past year,
      with the Tsunami, we have seen just how fast that natural conditions
      on the Earth can align themselves together to bring about a scale of
      human destruction so profound as to be nearly indescribable and yet
      at the same time spare the lives of most of the animals and plants of
      the area. At the same time we have read stories about Climate Change
      and how grass is growing in Antarctica, Russian bears who can't
      sleep, fish and animal species that are moving into areas where they
      never lived before to take advantage of new temperatures and seen the
      damage caused by the melting of the Permafrost in the Arctic. With
      the recent passing of the Kyoto Treaty there is now a glut of climate
      change stories in the news and this issue will be filled with many of
      those links. Stories with such attention grabbing titles as ;"A
      Glimpse of Hell", "Global Warming is Real"and "Food Scarcity
      Predicted" are just the tip of the iceberg. With those stories in
      mind, after stocking up on shotgun shells and bottled water, I
      remembered the words to a song by Bob Seger and I think you will
      agree that the lyrics to that song are sort of prescient in regard to
      this issue.

      In Your Time
      By Bob Seger

      In your time the innocence will fall away
      In your time the mission bells will toll
      All along the corridors and riverbeds
      They'll be signs.....In your time

      Towering waves will crash across your southern capes
      massive storms will reach your eastern shores
      Fields of green will tumble through your summer days,
      by design, In your time

      Feel the wind and set yourself the bolder course
      Keep your heart as open as a shrine
      You'll sail the perfect line

      and after all the dead ends and the lessons learned
      after all the stars have turned to stone
      There'll be peace,..... across the great unbroken void
      all benign.......in your time
      You'll be fine,.... in your time.


      Here is the article by guest writer Eric Kreig:

      Pseudo-Science claims about Hydrogen

      By Eric the skeptic

      For every real area of science is a whole underworld of falsehood.
      Particularly with cutting edge science and particularly on the internet, one
      can find a wealth of exciting – yet WRONG claims. Such
      misinformation is
      spawned by a triumvirate of self-taught idiots, wide-eyed lunatics and by
      con men.

      For any advocate of a hydrogen future comes the unfortunate public
      service responsibility of debunking myths about hydrogen. One of the most
      pernicious hydrogen urban legends is that of "Browns Gas". Don't snicker. It
      is only a stoichemetrc ratio of hydrogen and oxygen – it was known
      of long
      before a nut named Yull Brown claimed to invent it. I provide a web page on
      information and misinformation on the subject at

      HYPERLINK "http://www.phact.org/e/bgas.htm"www.phact.org/e/bgas.htm

      For sake of space a quick summary of false claims about it include:

      * It can heal sickness.

      * It can render radioactive materials safe.

      * You can get more energy out of burning it than it takes to
      separate it.

      * It implodes rather than explodes and is perfectly safe.

      * You can safely pressurize it.


      Water Based Transistors
      By Mike Johnston
      Copyright 2005

      A few issues back I looked at how you could create water based
      electronic components. In that story I mentioned that I hadn't been
      able to figure out how to build a water based tansistor. Now I have.
      Not exactly what I thought one would look like and perhaps not
      exactly what it is but I think calling it a transistor is a
      reasonably good description of it's form and function (click here for
      a description of how transistors work:
      http://www.amasci.com/amateur/transis.html ) In essence a transistor
      allows a small electrical current to control a large current. In the
      case of the concept that I am going to lay out for you here you could
      think of it as a small electrical current controlling a large
      electrochemical current. Remember that the larger the current in an
      electrolysis cell the more H2 that is produced.

      In this water based transistor one of the main components will be an
      electrical plasma. So first off let's get a simple definition of a
      plasma; "A plasma is a gas in which an important fraction of the atoms
      is ionized, so that the electrons and ions are separately free." This
      ionization occurs when enough energy is present in the form of heat or
      electrical energy. You could say then that, in this respect, a
      container of water with electrolyte in it resembles a low energy,
      liquid state plasma since the atoms of electrolyte in the water are
      separated into ions.Interestingly enough the behavior of semiconducors
      is explained as Solid State Plasma. Some examples of plasmas are; the
      Solar Wind, the Earth's own Plasmasphere, Fluorescent Lights and
      welding arcs. For information on various types of plasmas go to:
      Plasma illustration: http://www.geocities.com/mj_17870/plasma_d.gif

      For the sake of simplicity here I am going to condense things as much
      as I can. If you would like more in depth information on some of the
      things that I am going to mention I would suggest that you download the
      MIT course on Plasma (it is free to download) from: (
      http://ocw.mit.edu/index.html ). MIT is doing some interesting work
      with plasmas in relation to hot fusion reactors. When a plasma is
      created between two metallic conductors via an electrical arc structres
      can form within the arc which are called plasma tubes. These tubes are
      created due to the way that the electrons and ions in the plasma
      interact with and are moved by the electromagnetic fields within the
      plasma. In the following illustrations you can see how charged
      particles move in a plasma and how they form "tubes".

      Figure 1: In this illustration you see particles forming their looping,
      vortex paths. http://www.geocities.com/mj_17870/Figure1.bmp

      Figure 2: In this drawing you see the looping orbit of charged particles
      forming a tube around a magnetic field.

      Figure 3: In this drawing you are introduced to Charge Separation within
      the plasma tubes. http://www.geocities.com/mj_17870/Figures3.bmp

      Charge Separation is very interesting for the purpose of this paper.
      What happens is that the oppositely charged particles within a plasma
      tend to move to opposite sides of the plasma tube creating a positively
      charged side and a negatively charged side. Remember that this is true
      even though the overall plasma itself is still electrically neutral
      because there are an equal number of positively and negatively charged
      particles involved. In the next illustration you see two metal
      electrodes with an electrical arc between them. Note that the charged
      particles in this plasma arc are separated to opposite sides of the

      Figure 4 http://www.geocities.com/mj_17870/Figure4.bmp

      If we were to create this electrical under water, or under water that
      contains an electrolyte an interesting potential seems to present

      Figure 5 http://www.geocities.com/mj_17870/Figure5.bmp

      The positive and negative ions in the water should be expected to be
      attracted to the side of the plasma tube which is charged oppositely
      to thier own charge.

      Figure 6 http://www.geocities.com/mj_17870/Figure6.bmp

      In this last illustration we see that, once the oppositely charged ions
      are attracted to the sides of the plasma tube the potential exists for
      a transfer of electrons to take place across the plasma itself. The
      result would be that H2 gas would be formed on one side of the plasma
      and O2 gas on the other side. Why is this important?

      The result should be that, if we limit the current in the metal
      portion of the circuit,through the electrodes, that a plasma will
      still be formed with less energy consumed and that a second
      electrochemical current will be able to flow across the plasma. This
      second current could potentially be much larger than the electrical
      current which is being used to form the plasma. It would also allow
      more H2 to be produced overall than would be predicted based on the
      current through the electrodes and this has been noted by researchers
      who are trying to produce H2 with a plasma arc. I believe this
      "plasma transistor"model explains the source of that "excess" H2
      within the realm of accepted science.

      E! Magazine is your source for cutting edge environmental news.

      Hydrogen News Links:

      (1) Viva Hydrogen! Honda Leases Fuel Cell Vehicles to Las Vegas
      Honda is leasing a couple of their FCX hydrogen-powered vehicles to
      the City of Las Vegas, for $500 a month each. Las Vegas is going to
      have negligible fuel costs,
      as they’ll be refilling them at city-owned hydrogen "pumps".

      (2) National Security to Lead Renewable Energy Deployment
      In other words, the energy problem is so critical at this moment that
      we must start using what we've got now, whether it's perfected or
      not: whether it is sustainable
      or not. If we don't, then we lose everything anyway. At least this
      will start buying us a little time.

      (3) Cities Eye Ocean Waves for Power Supplies
      Since ancient times poets have revered the power of the seas. Now
      energy companies and coastal cities like New York and San Francisco
      are aiming to tap ocean
      waves and tidal currents as abundant sources of electricity.

      (4) Nanotubes crank out hydrogen:
      Researchers from Pennsylvania State University have constructed a
      material made from titanium dioxide nanotubes that is 97 percent
      efficient at harvesting the
      ultraviolet portion of the sun's light and 6.8 percent efficient at
      extracting hydrogen from water.

      (5) Hydrogen fuel pioneer recalls the early days
      Hydrogen is one of those elusive halfway answers to the world's
      future fuel needs. Despite a lot of work that has already been done,
      hydrogen may always have to
      be qualified by the eternally romantic, ever-beckoning adjective -

      (6) Pennsylvania hands out grants to develop alternate fuels
      Pennsylvania environmental officials on Monday awarded more than $1
      million in alternative fuel grants to help fund the purchase of
      hybrid vehicles and develop a
      hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

      (7) Help Save the Planet
      What on earth is a person supposed to do? History and nature are on a
      collision course. And we are trapped at ground zero. As the signals
      from the climate
      become excruciatingly urgent, the Bush administration turns its back
      on the challenge, the U.S. press remains in denial, and the
      environmental establishment
      agonizes over its own relevance. All the while, we are, as the
      British paper The Independent put it, sleepwalking into the

      (8) Now for the Bad News: Spring is Early!
      It is now mid-February, and already I have sown 11 species of

      (9) Micro Scooter : THIS SCOOTER'S NO POLLUTER
      Enter the Aqwon, the first hydrogen-powered scooter to meet Germany's
      stringent regulatory standards. The Aqwon scooter can hit 30 m.p.h.
      with its two-stroke
      engine, but the biggest challenge was building a fuel tank that could
      safely store the hydrogen. In case of accident or fire, the Aqwon's
      tank simply freezes. If only
      the Hindenburg had had one of those.

      (10) Hydrogen And Wind Power Comparison Websites
      Even though we're experts choosing the most appropriate hydrogen
      and wind power comparison and alternative energy clothing domains
      can be ... more ...

      (11) Budget backs coal, hydrogen, nuclear

      (12) Hydrogen fuel cell project at Princeton farm called world's first
      Manure to H2

      (13) Bush touts hydrogen power at future station

      (14) Hawaiian Climate Changing
      Island inhabitant recounts recent unprecedented pace of storms.
      Says Bush needs to rethink his response to Global Warming and take
      it more seriously.

      (15) Canadian alternative energy companies see opportunity in Kyoto agreement
      As the Kyoto treaty on greenhouse gas emissions comes into effect
      this week, Canadian alternative energy companies are seeing green
      of a different kind.

      (16) Experts: Global Warming Is Real
      Studies that measure ocean temperature rather than air temperature
      are more accurate in determining whether the climate is changing,
      scientists say. And the
      newest studies conclude that the planet is warming up, and people
      are to blame for it.

      (17) King tide pummels Kiribati
      Less than a week before the Kyoto Protocol enters into force, the
      tiny island nation of Kiribati is ravished by a 'king tide' -- an
      example of the kind of sea-level rise
      we can expect to see more of as global temperatures increase.

      (18) Kyoto Protocol becomes law
      Greenpeace activists, supporters, and volunteers around the world
      celebrated the coming into force of the Kyoto Protocol with
      banners, windmills, actions against
      dirty power, and a shutdown of trading on the International
      Petroleum Exchange in London. After more than ten years of
      protracted - sometimes exhausting, often
      frustrating - negotiations, thirty-five industrialised countries
      along with the European Community are now legally bound to reduce
      or limit their greenhouse gas

      (19) Global warming may kill off polar bears
      Many Arctic animals, including polar bears and some seal species,
      could be extinct within 20 years...

      (20) China fears Everest is shrinking
      China is to re-measure the world's tallest peak, Mount Everest,
      because of fears it may be shrinking....

      (21) Melting ice lets ship set record
      THE New Zealand crew of a polar research ship say it has ventured
      further south than any other ship...

      (22) Horrors of Global Warming Highlighted
      The study pulls together for the first time the projected impacts
      on ecosystems and wildlife, food... Islam Online

      (23) Food Scarcity Predicted With Rising Temps
      The combination of rising temperatures and falling water tables is
      likely to lead to a tightening...

      (24) Climate changes pose new challenges to coastal cities
      Coastal cities like Houston and London have instituted a variety of
      initiatives to reduce problems...

      (25) Global Warming Bill Means Thousands of New Jobs
      Major global warming legislation would add more than 800,000 new
      jobs in America by 2025

      (26) NASA says 2005 may be warmest year yet
      A weak El Nino and human-made greenhouse gases could make 2005 the
      warmest year since records have been kept.

      (27) Rise in sea level threatens leading bird reserve
      It is Britain's most spectacular bird reserve, with more breeding
      species than any other.

      (28) Great Barrier Reef 'dead in 20 years'
      In less that 20 years, rising sea temperatures caused by global
      warming could kill Australia's Great Barrier Reef

      (29) Climate change: Workshop ponders how to get people to care
      Getting the average person to care about global climate change is a
      hard sell, a psychology expert...

      (30) A glimpse of hell
      Whether it unfolds quickly by fire or slowly through global
      warming, the future of this forested...

      (31) It's much too late to sweat global warming, Time to prepare for
      inevitable effects of our ill-fated future
      At the core of the global warming dilemma is a fact neither side of
      the debate likes to talk about:...

      (32) Villagers unaware of climate changes
      They said it (the climate changes) was the work of God which hit
      them," Mr Areki said.

      (33) Global warming hitting home in Auckland
      Global warming is starting to affect the lifestyle of Aucklanders.
      The problems the Huntly power... Scoop.co.nz

      (34) Melting glaciers indicate a warmer world to come
      Up and down the icy spine of South America, the glaciers are
      melting, the white mantle of the Andes... Taipei Times

      (35) Earth Gets A Warm Feeling All Over
      Last year was the fourth warmest year on average for our planet
      since the late 1800s, according to NASA scientists.

      (36) Global Warming Could Worsen U.S. Pollution
      Global warming could stifle cleansing summer winds across parts of
      the northern United States over the next 50 years and worsen air
      pollution, U.S. researchers said
      on Saturday.

      (37) Ocean, Arctic Studies Show Global Warming Is Real
      A parcel of studies looking at the oceans and melting Arctic ice
      leave no room for doubt that it is getting warmer, people are to
      blame, and the weather is going to
      suffer, climate experts said on Thursday.

      (38) Unfolding Story of Warming Planet
      Key dates in the story of climate change

      (39) It's a Warmer World, But Does That Mean Armageddon?
      When bears wake early from hibernation, Australia suffers its worst
      drought in 100 years and multiple hurricanes hammer Florida should
      we believe The End is nigh?

      (40) Global warming may dry out Taiwan by 2035
      Taiwan will suffer from severe water and electricity shortages by
      2035 because of global warming,... Taiwan Headlines

      Notice: For information on advertising rates or to make suggestions email
      me at: enki@... All original material in this newsletter is
      assumed to be
      copyrighted by the source from which it originates. My stories
      are also copyrighted from the date they are published.
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