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Used experimental/dark electronics CDs for SALE...

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  • homegrown_amateur
    EXPERIMENTAL/DARK ELECTRONICS CDS: $5 U.S./$7 World each (unless where noted). All prices includes postage. 310 - nothing to see here absence.insolution -
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2003


      CDS: $5 U.S./$7 World each (unless where noted). All prices includes postage.

      310 - "nothing to see here"

      absence.insolution - "hour of babel" (3 inch mini disc) - $3 U.S./$5 World

      aidan baker - "pretending to be fearless"

      antigen shift/detritus - "conjugate" split CD

      aube - "howling obsession"

      axone/know - "night of deliverance" split CD

      band of pain - "que amiga?"

      bestia centauri - "ubbo-sathla"

      chamber - a cold spring records sampler (featuring: ignis fatuus, folkstorm, mark snow, laibach, endura,

      novatron, band of pain, benedikt middler, schloss tegal, von thronstahl,

      toroidh, sleep research facility, the days of the trumpet call, kerovnian,

      and a challenge of honour) - $4 U.S./$6 World

      chaos as shelter - "maelstrom"

      dark muse - "sounds from beyond the silver wheel"

      economi$ed - v/a (featuring:

      Quoit (Mick Harris), Cylon (Justin Broadrick), Ocosi, Su8m3rg3d, Totemplow, Gone

      Postal, PCM, Mothboy (Ex-Ocosi), Blankmove, Nos, and Otraslab (David Reeves).

      endura -"black eden" (golden version CD)

      forma4 - "cycle"

      gravitar - "edifier"

      i burn - "infraharmonies, scald cavities"

      kerovnian - "from the depths of haron"

      koan - "frontiers"

      lament configuration - "paragon-asia dataflow"

      liar's rosebush - "none higher"

      lockweld - "industrial requiem"

      meson - "the flooding of desolate canyons"

      monoid - "virtual violence"

      monstrare - "isfet"

      murderous vision/acclimate - "beautiful black world" split CD - $4 U.S./$6 World

      murderous vision - "the times without gods" - $8 U.S./$10 World (shrink wrapped/brand new copy!)

      narratives: "music for fiction" (featuring: robert rich, paul schutze, and voice of eye)

      nightmare lodge - "blind miniatures"

      nos - "not otherwise specified"

      ocosi - "here and loathing"

      post scriptum - "gauze"

      projekt - 2003.1 - projekt records sampler (featuring: human drama, mira, black tape for a blue girl,

      lovesliescrushing, audra, voltaire, lovespirals, lycia, steve roach/vidna obmana,

      and jeffrey fayman)- $3 U.S./$5 World

      quest - "electro-city"

      recant - "gesture"

      schematics for power vol. 1 - v/a - noise control corporation records (featuring: oughfunger, aural blasphemy,

      pain process, meson, idyl, savak, recluse, HPP,

      zymosiz, lament configuration, h-drik, he would drown,

      and rob 'o' tnik- $3 U.S./$5 World

      scrap.edx - "non-linear interfacing"

      signs ov chaos - "frankenscience (urban cyberphunk)"

      smell & quim - "your enemy's balls" - $3 U.S./$5 World

      spit soundtrack - "spit soundtrack"

      starving cell - "starving cell"

      streicher - "war without end"

      the nature of sand - (featuring: illusion of safety, voice of eye, and life garden)

      the outsider - "an aural channelling of H.P. Lovecraft" - somnambulant corpse record compilation -

      (featuring: tugend, axone, murderous vision, bestia centauri, when joy becomes saddness, post scriptum,

      schloss tegal, the hollowing, and kuru)

      toroidh - "europe is dead"

      tugend - "optimism is for the weak"

      tuu - "the frozen lands" (3 inch mini disc) - $3 U.S./$5 World

      vedisni - "architects and murderers"

      wejdas - "wejdas"

      when joy becomes saddness - "the time between reason and reality"

      words, becoming vol. 1 - v/a - fleshmade word records (featuring: detritus, aural blasphemy, cdatakill, seda e. marg,

      red reflection, forma4, cria cuervos, iszoloscope, takshaka, i:wound, freeze etch,

      magwheels, re:pro, and chaos as shelter) - $3 U.S./$5 World

      words, becoming vol. 1 - v/a - fleshmade word records (featuring: detritus, navicon torture technologies, scrap.edx,

      antigen shift, cordell klier, vets, pneumatic detach, tyrophex14, lumen, mago, liquid sphere,

      and 011001) - $3 U.S./$5 World

      All CDs are in excellent condition. Most are almost "new" and only played once!

      To order: Send U.S. cash (at your own risk) or money orders payable to Adhab Al-Farhan.

      E-mail: samal50@... or sacrificedmaster@... for questions and availability of item(s).

      Write to:

      Adhab Al-Farhan

      11300 Attingham Lane

      Glenn Dale, Maryland 20769




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