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Re: [AMBIENTENERGY] Horsepower

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  • Vikrant Suri
    Dear Sir , ******************************************* Do you know the efficiencies of today s solar cells ******************************************** To only
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2001
      Dear Sir ,

      Do you know the efficiencies of today's solar cells

      To only partly participate please check


      I am pasting the relevant portion for your quick view

      The light from the sun has an average temperament of
      about 6300°K. The carnot-ratio diagram of Fig 26 shows
      that the helmholtz-ratio of sunlight is about 95%.
      This means that theoretically it should be possible to
      convert 95% of the radiant-energy to electricity. In
      actual practice, present day solar cells only convert
      about 11% of the radiant-energy into electricity at
      most. This means that 89% of the remaining sunlight is
      converted into thermal-energy

      Regards .

      Vikrant Suri

      --- Boyd Cantrell <bmc@...> wrote: > Charles,
      > In message 102 you said that a Horsepower can take
      > place in one second. I
      > have been wrestling with this and I guess I'm
      > finally accepting it. I had
      > always thought that lifting 33,000 pounds one foot
      > in one minute actually
      > mint "one minute" or else the rate of power would be
      > different. I knew of
      > course that it could have been lifted in ½ minute
      > but thought the energy
      > expended would then have to be at the rate of 2
      > Horsepower for ½ minute.
      > If it turns out that one square yard of the earth's
      > surface actually
      > receives over a thousand watts per second
      > constantly, then it's about 60
      > times what I had always thought. I had thought that
      > the Sun had to shine
      > on it for a full minute to be one Horsepower. Now I
      > find that it only
      > takes one second.
      > I don't know the efficiency of today's solar cells
      > but 30 years ago they
      > were about 6%. So 6% of 1000 watts per second is
      > about the heat of a 60
      > watt incandescent light bulb continuous.
      > Even with the above losses of around 94% this is
      > still a lot of free
      > energy. Do you know the efficiencies of today's
      > solar cells?
      > My interest here does not mean that I could prefer
      > solar energy over
      > converting the heat in a single reservoir it into
      > work. That will always
      > be paramount to me simply because the world teaches
      > that it can't be done
      > and I don't believe them.
      > My new interest in Solar energy is finding out that
      > the rate is 1.5
      > Horsepower every single second instead of every
      > minute. This extrapolates
      > out to visualizing what my would-be Apparatus
      > (which is to work in the
      > shade) would do if the input heat exchanger were put
      > out into the sunlight.
      > Anyway, I'm trying to accept that 746 Joules per
      > second is the same as 746
      > watts per second.
      > Boyd
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