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Alternative Energy Techniques - Development in Japan

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    Because Japan is extremely well populated, it is sometimes more difficult to break the Japanese market than you would break any other market. If you are
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 26, 2009
      Because Japan is extremely well populated, it is sometimes more difficult to break the Japanese market than you would break any other market. If you are nonetheless capable to exploit installations near the shore or maybe offshore installations, then you could have the possibility to make a profit out of wind energy. However, when going offshore for the business, it becomes more expensive, due to the existence of construction of foundations. The wind is also stronger and this can amount to higher costs. The equipment you will need will also need to be updated constantly because technology advances by the day. Therefore, the prices per kilowatt hour has decreased, since the turbines have become more efficient. Therefore, if comparing wind energy with other types of energy nowadays, this industry of wind energy is one of the most competitive. Therefore, you need to be able to utilize locations near the sea, where there is a lot of wind and then maintain a competitive prices comparable to the prices in the other industries. Take the example of the biggest wind turbine producer, based in Denmark, the Vestas company. This company has invested in Japan to put an accent on wind energy capable of generating electricity. Vestas is currently on the lookout for locations to base its factories thus seeking doing research and development in the field.
      In Japan, there is the sense that people need to be able to produce their own energy because it is imperative that they don't use imported energy. Therefore, despite being isolated on an island, there is the need to start producing energy, but with so few natural resources it is almost impossible. Therefore, Japan needs to invest in energy production and become overt to foreign investment seeking to implement their solutions in Japan. It is only through this method that Japan will be able to become energy independent. By allowing companies such as Vestas in the involvement of research, Japan is extending the ways it is actively seeking for energy production. Wind produced energy represents probably, one of the most successful competitors so far.
      Moreover, energy production under the name of microhydoelectric power has become to catch as a trend in the Japanese world; because Japan is home to a large number of rivers as well as mountain streams, these are ideal places to install microhydoelectric plants, to produce energy from the water. This move has been known as the technology development of industrial and new energy technology. To make a comparison, the label named minihydroelectric power can accommodate more than one thousand kilowatts per electrical energy.
      Therefore, as a conclusion, the power plants, both mini as well as micro hydroelectric power at a small scale have become suitable to create electricity in high-altitude regions, in mountainous regions. For instance, it is useful in creating electricity in such regions. The Kawasaki City Waterworks or the Natural Energy Company established in Japan and the Power Company established in Tokyo. These power plants possess certain characteristics and have been involved so far so that the hydroelectric technology can be developed in Japan.

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