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Wind Energy - An Introduction to Home Wind Turbines

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    With the earth s growing population and declining resources, the demand for energy is growing exponentially.  To preserve our future, we need to take
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2009
      With the earth's growing population and declining resources, the demand for energy is growing exponentially.  To preserve our future, we need to take steps to save power. Utilizing alternative energy sources such as wind power, can not only this reduce the world's dependence on ever drecreasing fossil fuels, but it can also cut home energy cost by a signifigant degree.  Wind power solutions are one of the most popular alternative energy sources. Smaller, home wind turbines are extremely efficient and decreasing in price all the time.  Home wind turbines can now be built for around $200 dollars or less. These small wind turbines can cut your electricity bill by an average of 30 percent a month and drastically decrease your dependence on the power company, which decreases your dependence on fossil fuels.  All these things not only benefit you, but the economy and dependence on foreign energy sources as well.
      Most people can utilize these small home turbines but the are a few ideal situations, such as someone living on a farm, who can employ multiple turbines for increased output and efficiency.  The ideal average windspeed for a residence should be at least 11mph. If it's any lower, you may still be able to install a turbine but you may need to take special measures.
      A home wind turbine can also be excellent for someone who would like an uninteruppted power supply.  Random power outages can wreak havoc on certain home electronics such as computers, which can cause costly repairs and loss of saved information. Even if your normal power supply goes out, a wind powered system will provide electricity at all times. Not to mention saving you from resetting all the clocks in your house after loss of electricity.
      A normal turbine is made up of a tower and 5 blades which turn to create the energy.  The height of the tower depends on the location of your home. The less wind in your area, the taller the tower will be.  If you live near somewhere like a beach, the tower doesn't need to be very tall at all. As the wind blows, the blades spin, this energy is then turned into electricity which can be used to power appliances or anything else that uses electricity in your home. The electricity can even be stored up, so when wind dies down or your regular electricity cuts out, you won't lose power.

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