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ambient heat engine

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  • thunder300c
    theatrical chactictics of a thermal equal engineShare a href= http://photobucket.com target= _blank
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2008
      theatrical chactictics of a thermal equal engineShare
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      This is a picture of most current design of a thermal equal engine. A
      thermal equal converts heat energy into mechanical energy. Why I call
      it thermal equal is that it convert heat energy with out a heat
      difference or in other words a environment that is at the same
      temperature .

      to do this the engine must generate a heat difference by compressing
      and decompressing air. A cadrotic Stirling engine is the part that
      converts the heat energy to mechanical energy. enough energy has to
      converted to over come the resistance of friction of move the gas and
      moving parts. The pressure differences is great . 100 pis at the
      lease and 5000 pis or more at the max. The fiction of the moving the
      gas has to move than the moving parts. this means a great deal of gas
      has to move. This is why the base pis is 100 or more

      For many years I searched for energy source that would not run out.
      The only two for vehicle l could tap into, solar and ambient heat
      energy. Solar has it's draw backs. Taping into ambient heat energy is
      big unknown.

      To figure just how high to pressure needs to I need to rely on
      pneumatic flux theory.

      The engine has total of three pistons minimum.

      which is the compressed, the power piston and the decompressor.
      also there are two different circuits. the Compression and
      decompression circuit and the heat differential engine circuit
      the engine works like this. The compressor compress the gas up to 100
      bar. My best estimate is that the gas temperature will increase by 14
      degrees and heats up the surroundings. Then the gas goes through a
      decompressor and cools by 14 degrees and returns about 90% or less of
      the energy uses to compress the gas. then the decompressor piston
      pushes the gas out and through a heat exchanger. The reason is that
      we want make the gas is warmed up to ambient temperature. If the gas
      enter the compressor cool means the compressed can not compress the
      gas as much which case a smaller incerces in temperature and decrease
      in temperature in the decompress which means the engine converts less
      energy and performance goes down.

      the heat differnail curiut works like this. the gas in the gas jacket
      that surounds the compresser warms up and presure builds. some of the
      gas is let into the piston camber explands cools and pushes the power
      piston. The gas is push into the air jacket the srounds the
      decompresser. a pump push the gas through heat exchange where the
      gases absorbs heat and back into the hot air jacket.

      I want use methane for the compressor circuit becuse it has high
      molar specfic heat. Also methane became liquad at very low teptures
      which would give me the the lowest stall temperature possible. Also
      if I use freon I have toi add anther decompress pistion and the
      engine becomes more comcatied.
      ambient heat engines seem to violate the second law thermodynamics
      but they don't. Even through we are coventing energy each them the
      energy is recycle it take up more space and is harder to convert the
      next time. Volume+from/Energy=entropy. Entropy is how easy to convent
      one form of energy to a more order form. We can conclusion that there
      is threshold entropy number or threshold temperature that is required
      for an ambient heat engine needs to work. If the temperature drops
      below the limit the ambient heat engine can no longer convent more
      energy than what it losses in fiction to keep it going. other words
      it will stall.
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