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379RE: [AMBIENTENERGY] Re: RE: Re: Minto / Solar / Thermoelectric

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  • kirk
    Jan 9, 2002
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      >Any way knowing the spectral reflectivity of several materials
      >would benefit. I could choose the best materials.

      A reference book for physicists, optical engineers--something like that.
      Not every day stuff. Public library up here is devoid of useful books.
      Just romance fantasies and politically correct social engineering propaganda
      such as Heather has 2 Mommies.

      I don't know why a good library isn't online.
      So much for our high civilization.


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      --- kirk <kirk@...> wrote:
      > If the concentration is not too much that sounds great. A
      > study of
      > reflectors should come up with something that reflects the
      > useful
      > wavelengths well and is a poor reflector of UV.

      I would definitely benefit from that. I choose aluminum
      because it was cheap and easy to work. In the experiment I used
      foil stretched
      between 1/8 inch cold rolled shafts. The chips are pressed to
      a silk insulator against a Cu plate that is soldered to 3 Cu
      tubes for cooling.
      The tubes are housed inside an I-beam fence post which also
      mounts the reflector. The positioner is an electric window

      Just call me McGyver. :-)

      Anyhow this unit produces about 500W (high noon) and continues
      to produce an extra 1.3W during the night (I think that is
      City noise)

      Although the reflectors are foil I could use something rigid on
      a final design... or maybe not. If we have a hail storm my
      chips are
      protected and the hail will just puncture the foil.

      Any way knowing the spectral reflectivity of several materials
      would benefit. I could choose the best materials.

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